For centuries women have used cloth as a tool of comfort and as an expression of beauty within their homes. Creating cloth for warmth, cloth for shelter, our female predecessors embellished these linens with hand stitch using laborious and time consuming techniques thereby enhancing the functional beauty of objects which enveloped and protected their families. Inspired by these women I hope my creations pay tribute to and recognise the devotion expressed in cloth by our female ancestors .

''the use of traditional often time consuming process alludes to the devotion of a mother''. c K. A. Ruane 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2012

lace and strips

Strips of lace and delicate cloth joined together and embellished, white of course. This is quite narrow, perhaps 3 inches wide by 11 inches in length. Obviously I love to embroider on these but equally I love putting them together. I surround myself with boxes of scraps and pick pieces that appeal, often changing my mind, taking pins out and replacing a piece with something else. The process is as exciting as the end result.


Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

Just so beautiful to look at and lovely to touch I am sure. Reminds me of a song--"delightful to look at......a combination like this is quite the most impossible dream come true..."--I think it goes like that!

deanna7trees said...

such beautiful treasure bits. you sure know how to put them together to show them off in the best way possible.

Miss 376 said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Rachel said...

So many lovely fragments - you must have such fun putting them all together!

Flaming Nora said...

Beautiful. One day I will have time to embroider. Its good to learn from some one so clever.
Feeling as though I may recognise some of those laces. But then again I am often wrong. May be they went to some one else.